Monday, May 27, 2013

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Innovative Interior Design Ideas for Offices

Giving a different dimension to the dull looking office space isn't a tough job provided you have some innovative interior design ideas in mind. To solve this problem there are a variety of wall colour paints and painting techniques that can make your office stand out. To get an idea of how to give an office space the much-needed makeover without making it look too flashy read on.

Paint color choice: The selection of paint colors plays an important role in office designing. If you are planning to implement a particular theme within your office then consider the same when picking paint colour. Make sure your theme doesn't demand too much of changes within the available area as you cannot cut-out the need of basic furniture like chairs, tables, storage shelves etc. A lot can be conveyed using wall paints so try making the best use of your office walls. Also if you want to make a cramped looking cubicle appear spacious and airy, a light colored paint will do the trick. Paint hues thus can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of your office.

Painting techniques: There are multiple ways in which paint can be applied over the wall surface. It totally depends on you to select the apt one depending on the kind of effect you wish to bring in within your office. Making use of roller brushes, combing, dusting, ragging etc for painting walls will not just make them look rich-textured but also give them a brilliant finish. Such painting techniques require skilled professionals for best results and may take a bit more time than the usual wall painting jobs, but the end results will surely be worth the wait. Interior design ideas inspired by paints are many, you just need to research a bit and find the perfect match for your walls.

Flooring: When it comes to the floor it is best to stick to rough and tough flooring options that can handle the everyday traffic within the office. A lot of moving around of furniture and people takes place in the office premises therefore laminate or vinyl flooring work well. There are rare chances of chipping and slipping which happens a lot in case of tiles. Such flooring surfaces are easy to clean and maintain which makes them a highly preferred choice for offices. If you thought the scope for experimentation is limited then you are certainly wrong as there are innumerable interior design colors, patterns and textures in which these are available and can perfectly match the look you have in mind.

The world of interior design ideas is filled with creativity for offices as much as it is for homes. So you got no reason to run away and not give your office the needed break it always longed for. Go ahead create your own unique interior design ideas and make your office a place your employees will feel motivated and excited to work in.

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 Commercial Office Decorating Ideas

If you want to make your office look beautiful and at the same time, make proper utilization of the space, you must come up with new and innovative commercial office decorating ideas. Decorating the office is as important as decorating the home, since people spend a longer part of their time at the office. Before coming up with proper commercial office decorating ideas, one must remember the total area of the office space available.

The interior decoration of any office should be made in such a way that it becomes very attractive and at the same time, employees can work comfortably. You can consult any interior decorator for some excellent commercial office decorating ideas. If you want, you can paint your office walls with light attractive colors or you can cover them with beautiful wall papers.

To make things look more elegant you can place some ornamental antiques in the conference hall and in the reception area. If you have a good budget to support your commercial office decorating ideas, you can use beautiful lighting's and decorate the walls with colorful paintings. The corners at the different rooms can be decorated with various types of arts and crafts, seashells, prize possessions and many other things.

To make maximum utilization of the space available, the office furniture used should occupy very less office space and at the same time create a feeling of cleanliness. Among the different furniture which can be used are credenzas, filing cabinets, desks, hydraulic chairs and many more.

If there are walking corridors, it can be decorated with ornamental plants. Enough light and air circulation through the windows is necessary as it helps a person's mind to think freely and creatively. If the office is a big one the safety factor should also be kept in mind. In such cases there should be emergency exits, preventive measures like fire extinguishers, alarms to protect from fire accidents.

The reception or the guest sitting room can be decorated with beautiful flower bouquets as the visitors will be really impressed by the beautiful smell and the freshness of the flowers.